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Stereonet review of our Infinity Mkii Interconnect

July 13, 2022

David Price gives his experienced appraisal of our entry level interconnect on the Stereonet online audio magazine last month, click here to read the review in full. Thanks go to David for his honesty and professionalism as always..

Reference SL Level Cables to be introduced Q1 2022

January 16, 2022

The result of many hours of research, design and testing of all parts that make up any cable; this range sits right at the very pinnacle of our expertise of audio cable design, and clearly aimed at the top level systems worldwide. All conductors are pure Silver, all hand polished and individually sleeved before arranging […]

New Reference level loudspeaker cable for mid 2021

June 19, 2021

After 11 years the Livewire will become our entry level speaker cable due to the soon to be available new top level design, which is likely to be called ‘Strata’, due to it being a flat foil layer incorporating pure silver lead-outs to the terminals which are made by either Bocchino Technology or Furutech. Testing […]

Symetrica extends to 3 models for 2020

December 14, 2019

We are proud to announce the next stage in our Symetrica line up, with the availability of 2 new versions. In addition to the ‘standard’ Symetrica, we now have the ‘SE – Special Edition’ version which utilises Furutech’s new NCF output sockets on the rear, still 10 of as per standard, along with custom finish […]

X-er0 RG Ultimate & Premium Power Cable available soon

January 21, 2019

X-er0 RG Power Cables   Spring 2019 will see our new power cable hit the market, having become a significant upgrade in all test systems so far, we are naturally very excited about this and have added some basic info to our products pages here: X-er0 RG Please email for further info or a demo..

The SYMETRICA is now in production :)

February 5, 2018

So after a year of planning, CAD modelling, building, changing, testing, adjusting, listening, our new SYMETRICA Balanced Output 3 Stage Power Supply is finished, with the first batch having found homes very quickly, we are now looking to build on a regular basis. The first 5 SYMETRICA’s have been installed in customers system’s for several […]




Media Coverage


What’s Best Forum’s Spiritofmusic’s visit

Z:Axis Audio SYMETRICA AC balanced power supply


“It’s not quite what one would expect from a website which specializes in Classic Audio – enthusiasm and promotion of a product that, far from being vintage, has yet to be officially launched! But what if this balanced power supply has an unquestionably highly positive effect on the performance of all audio equipment, regardless of vintage? This isn’t something that can make a poor performing system, for whatever reason, sound good. Can anything? What I’ve discovered is that it will make a monumental improvement to a well-balanced/high-end system – an improvement that you simply could not have imagined possible without replacing most of the current line-up of gear.  Now, that’s quite a claim!”


B42 RCA Interconnects

HiFi+ Issue #76

“The Z:Axis interconnect has a majestic quality. It’s effect on the sound of a system is rather like that you experience in going from a 7′ Grand piano to a 9′ Concert Grand. There is an opulence; a luscious, luxuriant quality to the sound which you don’t miss beforehand, but once introduced, is hard to sacrifice. This gracefulness is something that many Silver interconnects seem to specialise in, but not all achieve it with the same degree of coherence. The seductive, but sometimes superficial beauty such cables can bring is very easy to like, less easy to live with long term. The Z:axis cables don’t fall into this trap; there is a depth of insight, a sense that one has been allowed further into the music”.

Steve Dickinson, HiFi+ Issue 76.

Steve Dickinson – HiFi+
National Audio Show 2013 UK


“Z:Axis Audio showed a suitably ambitious system built around a full suite of Japanese-built Concert Fidelity electronics. The DAC040/BD hybrid D/A converter (£7900) is a tube-rectified, tube-output-stage, hybrid design with an internal battery supply for the DAC circuitry. With Red Book conversion, a single S/PDIF input and a single pair of RCA outputs, it might be resolutely old school, but the results were impressive nonetheless. This was teamed with an SPA4C J-FET-based phono stage (£8100) and a 080-LSX2 all-tube line stage (£12,900), driving a pair of ZL-200 MOSFET power amps (£26,300/pair, 180Wpc). The understated elegance of the electronics was matched by their natural and unobtrusive sound, delivering a subtle yet authoritative musical performance from both vinyl and CD. The record player was a rare Sony PS-B80 Biotracer direct-drive deck, its self-balancing tonearm (auto calibrated after every record) carrying an exotic Kondo IO-m cartridge. MBL provided the CD transport in the shape of their expensive (£18,900) Model 1621A, and the speakers were TAD CR-1 stand-mounted monitors (£40,000 including stands).


The system was played somewhat quieter than most, something of a tradition in a room that used to be occupied by Audiofreaks, but given a chance to adjust, the ears soon revealed that the musical integrity and communication on show were also in keeping with the room’s august record of previous “best at show” performances. That rather suggests that the room itself is contributing, but I’d also draw attention to the details of the setup. The whole system was running from a PS Audio P10 Power Plant, while the cables throughout were Z:Axis’s own designs.

But just as significant and in many ways more interesting were the new Mirage racks, again designed and built by Z:Axis. These beautifully presented, furniture-style racks offer a choice of mechanically grounded, energy-dissipation support, or magnetically floated isolation, all within the same elegant structure. They can be daisy-chained sideways to accommodate multi-box systems, and the combination of wood veneers, aluminum trim and the machined undersides on the shelves’ acrylic interface layer, which produces an almost floating, holographic visual effect, is both impressive and attractive. The show being their first outing, precise pricing is yet to be fixed, but it looks like it will lie firmly in the middle ground, above the likes of Hutter or Quadraspire, but well below Stillpoints or HRS. Final judgment will also have to wait until they reach the more controlled environment of the home system, but first indicators are extremely promising, and I’m seriously looking forward to their arrival.

Z:Axis might be a new name in high-end circles, but they’re doing a lot of things right, while their willingness to question conventional wisdom is both encouraging and refreshing. NAS 2013 might not have represented a new dawn, but at least it presented one welcome new face.”

The Audio Beat – Roy Gregory