Probably the biggest upgrade without changing the whole system?

SYMETRICA   by  Z:Axis Audio
Because life should be balanced..
Early Review of a pre production version here

Symetrica is a 3 section ‘balanced’ or ‘symmetrical’ output power supply for high end domestic audio system use. It features a single mains supply input via a Neutrik 32amp Powercon locking connection, with a very low electrical impedance power cable supplied also using a Furutech 1363G (gold plated alpha pure copper) mains plug (UK).


• 2 stage start operation, for inrush current control.
• Primary input fuse 12 amp slow blow 32 x 6.35mm Eaton Bussman non resonant ceramic fuse.
• Inrush current limiting device. (MOV)
• Substantial DC filter section; features 16,500uf Vishay anti parallel capacitors (33K uf each) and 35amp parallel bypass/overload Vishay bridge rectifier.
• Incoming Voltage display, switchable to indicate voltage output of the secondary
• 3 custom specified and built isolating balanced output transformers to provide the
• 1 x 300Va circuit transformer for all digital equipment feeding 3 of the output sockets. Maximum current of 1.1amps (at 240v).
• 1 x 300Va circuit transformer for all analogue source equipment, i.e. Pre Amplifier, Phono Amplifier, tuner, turntable etc, feeding 2-3 of the output sockets. Maximum current of 1.1 amps (at 240v).
• 1 x 1.5 or 2Kva circuit transformer for all gain (amplifier) sections, i.e. power
amplifiers, powered loudspeakers, subwoofers etc.
Maximum current 6.8 amps for the 1.5Kva or 8.8 amps for the 2Kva. (at 240v).
• Optional 2.5Kva or 3Kva main transformer (requires a deeper casework to
accommodate this) for all gain stages, as per above.
• Pre Amplifiers & Phono amplifiers will benefit being fed from the 2nd 300va transformer (sockets 4&5, or 6 depending on configuration specified at point of order).
• 3 x Current output display’s in red, one for each output section / transformer circuit.
• Voltage and current displays are able to be switched off via a high quality top mounted push button switch.
• All internal circuit boards are made from either 4mm Tufnol 
• 10 x Furutech gold plated UK 3 pin outlet sockets, both socket’s live pin’s are fused
with either 6 amp or 3 amp Eaton Bussman 32mm x 6.35 slow blow non resonant fuses depending on usage. These sockets are by far the best available with excellent physical grip of the mains plug.
• Solid copper low impedance earth bus bar connecting all earth points to the single
entry point.
• All internal wiring from high quality pure copper silver plated stranded and Teflon insulated wire.
• All high pressure cold weld (crimp) construction using copper connections.
• Non magnetic casework from Valchromat and anodised aluminium.
• 4mm thick Aluminium laser cut rear panel for strength.
• Anodised Aluminium side fins for heat dissipation.
•  Tinted acrylic top cover panel.
• 6mm Dark grey glass front faceplate.
• Dimensions; 530mm x 380mm x 170mm high.
• Weight: 29kg
• Idle current usage >100mA.
• Heat dissipation – Low.

Price: £6,500.00

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