Probably the biggest upgrade without changing the whole system?


SYMETRICA by Z:Axis Audio


Because life should be balanced..
Early Review of a pre production version here

Symetrica is a 3 section ‘balanced’ or ‘symmetrical’ output power supply for high end
domestic audio system use. It features a single mains supply input via a Neutrik 32amp Powercon locking connection, with a very low electrical impedance power cable supplied also using a
Furutech 1363G (gold plated alpha pure copper) mains plug (UK).


• Solid State Relay controlled On – Off main switch
• Primary input fuse 12 amp slow blow 32 x 6.35mm Eaton Bussman non resonant ceramic fuse.
• Inrush current limiting device. (MOV)
• Substantial DC filter section; features 16,500uf Vishay anti parallel capacitors (33K uf
each) and 35amp parallel bypass/overload Vishay bridge rectifier.
• Incoming Voltage display, switchable to indicate voltage output of the secondary
• 3 custom specified and built isolating balanced output transformers to provide the
• 1 x 300Va circuit transformer for all digital equipment feeding 2-3 of the output sockets. Maximum current of 1.1amps (at 240v).
• 1 x 300Va circuit transformer for all analogue source equipment, i.e., Phono
amplifier, tuner, turntable etc, feeding 2-3 of the output sockets. Maximum current
of 1.1 amps (at 240v).
• 1 x 1.5 or 2Kva circuit transformer for all gain (amplifier) sections, i.e. power
amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, phono stages*, powered loudspeakers, subwoofers etc.
Maximum current 6.8 amps for the 1.5Kva or 8.8 amps for the 2Kva. (at 240v).
• Optional 2.5Kva or 3Kva main transformer (requires a deeper casework to
accommodate this) for all gain stages, as per above.
• * Phono amplifiers will benefit being fed from the 2nd 300va (sockets 3&4 or
4,5&6 depending on configuration specified at point of order).
• 3 x Current output display’s in red, one for each output section / transformer circuit.
• Voltage and current displays are able to be switched off via a high quality top mounted pushbutton
• Output fuse status display LED’s in green indicate full function of all live pins of the
output sockets. These indicators remain on when the voltage and current meters are switched
to off.
• All internal circuit boards are made from either 4mm Tufnol or 2mm Tufnol for the LED
fuse status display circuit, which is point to point wired.
• 10 x Furutech gold plated UK 3 pin outlet sockets, both socket’s live pin’s are fused
with either 6 amp or 3 amp Eaton Bussman 32mm x 6.35 slow blow non resonant fuses depending on usage. These sockets are by far the best available with excellent physical grip of
the mains plug.
• Solid copper low impedance earth bus bar connecting all earth points to the single
entry point.
• All internal wiring from high quality pure copper silver plated stranded and Teflon insulated wire.
• All high pressure cold weld (crimp) construction using copper connections.
• Non magnetic casework from Valchromat and anodised aluminium.
• 4mm thick Aluminium laser cut rear panel for strength.
• Anodised Aluminium side fins for heat dissipation.
• Optional tinted acrylic top cover panel.
• 6mm Dark grey glass front faceplate.
• Dimensions; 530mm x 380mm x 170mm high.
• Weight: 29kg
• Idle current usage >100mA.
• Heat dissipation – Low.

Price: £6,500.00