Now available is the new Infinity MK2 interconnect, in RCA, XLR and Phono Din.

We have reworked our mid range cables utilising some new materials and connectors, along with utilising the topology concept used in the reference range. The result is a cable of immense clarity and precision, flexibility and low weight. The Infinity Mk2 simply sounds ‘RIGHT’, something many well known brands somehow fail to achieve. Demo samples are available in 0.75 to 1.5m lengths at present. We are not only very satisfied with the performance of the new Infinity Mk2 at it’s comparative price point, but also how it compares to cables at a far higher price point, feedback is also confirming this in back to back comparisons leading us to believe that it could be THE market leading interconnect in the mid range cable market, irrespective of price.

As with all of our cables, a home demonstration is standard, and a full 14 day trial period is offered, if for any reason the cables are not suitable a full refund is given.

 The Infinity MK2 interconnects come in at a far lower price point  than the Reference B series. Prices start at £760 /1.1M pair for RCA termination and £875/1.1M for XLR termination.

David Price reviewed the RCA Infinity Mkii during spring 2022, enjoying very much what he heard which took him by surprise, read the review in full here..



Again, any intermediate length’s are available, please enquire here for additional length’s and prices.