New for 2020, we have been working on a new power cable and are now able to release the finished product of our Xer0  AC power cable. Work is now complete and the result is simply breath-taking! We took time to solve several fundamental problems associated with power cables, and reassuringly, once the difference is heard, it becomes very difficult to ignore.

Xer0 Premium & Ultimate design attributes:

  • Available in 2 versions;  Xer0 Premium and Xer0 Ultimate
  • 14 Very high specification 99.99% Pure Silver hand polished & individually insulated in PTFE conductors in the Ultimate version for unrivalled clarity and class leading noise reduction
  • 14 Very high specification 99.1% Pure Copper hand polished & individually insulated in PTFE conductors in the Premium version for class leading noise reduction
  • 11 awg twisted symmetrical X-Quad geometry & damping for ultra low noise on AC lines (practically zero hence the name Xer0
  • 12 awg Radial Ground earth wire arrangement ensures constant 90 degree angle to AC conductors for zero inductance contributing to ultra low noise and consequently significantly better sound
  • Furutech NCF wall mains connectors with pure Alpha Copper pins, Rhodium plated and pins polished to reduce arc noise on both versions
  • Furutech FI-50 NCF IEC.
  • Hand built to order in 1-5m lengths
  • Available in UK, EU and US terminations, please enquire for other countries

This cable was originally designed to work in perfect harmony with the Symetrica Balanced Output power supply, but will also provide a significant upgrade to any system. You will notice finer detail, probably that you were not previously aware of, tighter bass notes including increased realisation of tone and natural harmonics due to the wider tonal gamut, depth and improved sense of space that the recording was made in, and simply non fatiguing music. Please compare these to ANY other cable manufactured to hear for yourself, we are extremely proud of the new Xer0 Precision Audio Power Cable.

Product images to follow, pricing starts at £2,250 for a 1.4 meter cable for the Xer0 Ultimate, and £1,795 for the Xer0 Premium