Finally, we can announce availability of the ‘Infinity’ audio interconnect, after many month’s of being driven crazy testing, tweaking, more testing, we have come to a design we we are happy to use in our reference system. The arrival of some of the best amplifiers we have ever experienced prompted us to re-evaluate where we were with more affordable interconnects, and we made changes to better serve the new found transparency available. The re-design culminated in a new triple conductor topology, with a single 99.99% pure Silver signal conductor and twin Copper return conductors, run through a custom Teflon tubing of specific internal/external dimension to complete the assembly. Termination settled with the Furutech CF – 126R, a minimalist but very effective RCA connector, and the Furutech CF – 601/602R for Balanced (XLR) duty. This led to a low capacitance of just 31pf/ft, with a signal resistance of 0.067Ω/M. Return resistance is 0.046Ω/M. These figures however, are not a guide of how any interconnect will sound in any given system, the only way to know this is to put them in and listen. As with all of our cables, a home demonstration is standard, and a full 14 day trial period is offered, if for any reason the cables are not suitable a full refund is given.

 The Infinity interconnects come in at a far lower price point  than the Reference B series, though while not matching the sonic level that the B series achieves, they are considerably more affordable. Prices start at £760 /1M pair for RCA termination and £919 /1M for XLR termination.


Z:Axis Audio Infinity RCA

Z-axis Audio's Infinity-x (XLR) Interconnect

Z-axis Audio’s Infinity-x (XLR) Interconnect


Again, any intermediate length’s are available, please enquire here for additional length’s and prices.

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