New for 2019, we have been working on a new power cable and are soon to release the finished product of our X-er0 RG (Radial Ground) AC power cable. Available early spring 2019.


X-er0 RG Ultimate design attributes:

  • Very high specification fine strand count pure copper conductors
  • 9 awg twisted symetrical X-Quad geometry & damping for low noise on AC lines
  • 12 awg Radial Ground earth wire arrangement ensures constant 90 degree angle to AC conductors for zero inductance resulting in ultra low noise and consequently better sound
  • Furutech NCF wall mains connector with pure Alpha Copper pins, Rhodium plating removed and pins polished to reduce arc noise
  • Bocchino Technologies ‘Santa Maria Orion’ IEC connector – probably the best sounding IEC ever made
  • Hand built to order in 1-5m lengths
  • Available in UK, EU and US terminations, please enquire for other countries

This cable was originally designed to work in perfect harmony with the Symetrica Balanced Output power supply, but will also provide a significant upgrade to any system.


Photo’s to follow, along with final pricing but expected to be around £2,250 for a 1.4 meter cable.