Our digital cable range comprises the following:

  • MicroPath Reference USB Cable (Inc 5volt Bus) 1-3m
  • MicroPath Reference USB Cable (no Vbus) 1-3m
  • MicroPath Infinity USB Cable (Inc 5volt Bus) 1-3m
  • MicroPath Infinity USB Cable (no Vbus) 1-3m
  • Reference Cat 7 Ethernet i2s Cable 1-3m
  • Infinity Digital SP/DIF 75Ω 1-3m
  • Infinity Digital AES/EBU 110Ω 1-3m

R e f e r e n c e  (cat7)  i2s

100% hand built in the UK, Telegartner RJ45 connectors, pure silver hand polished quad shielded twisted pair digital transmission cable, our reference and always available on demonstration. This cable has outperformed far more costly options from well known brands.  

  • £950.00 / 1.4 meter
  • £1,150.00 / 2 meter

M i c r o P a t h USB Cables

We will soon (spring 2021) be announcing availability of two versions of USB cable; design and testing is 95% complete, performance is truly exceptional at both price points. During design and testing our cable outperformed several high cost brands we hold very high regard for in terms of frequency extremes and dynamics, along with finer micro-detail (spatial and recording location cues especially) due to the ultra low noise floor that we have been focused on in all of our cables for some time now.  

Our MicroPath Infinity USB cable is targeted at the sub £1k category, is slim and supple and can be supplied with or without the external 5Vbus connection for equipment that does not require this. We have however taken great care with the Vbus implementation to minimise impact as far as we possibly could. This USB cable displays an extremely clean and precise presentation due to the conductor selection, treatment and implementation, along with some small adjustments to the connectors selected. Fitting well within the growing number of systems that are now using our Infinity MK2 range of interconnects, the MicroPath Infinity USB cable will deliver beyond expectation at this critical price point. 

Our MicroPath Reference USB has been designed with the same intentions as all of our Reference cables have; to provide the best material choice and construction methods possible that present the most natural full range sonic landscape. All pure silver construction, larger in diameter than the Infinity USB, the Reference builds upon the ultra clear sonics of the infinity, additionally introducing the foundation of bass depth & drive that all of our Reference cables have become known for.  Sonic landscape opens up in front of you; precision and space abound maintaining a coherency to the placement and arrangement of the stage. Pricing is expected to be around £2, 800 for 1.2m. 

Images and full spec to follow

I n f i n i t y  D i g i t a l   S  P / D I F  & A E S / E B U  I n t e r c o n n e c t

Handmade from the central 0.7mm 99.99% pure Silver conductor outwards, precision assembly to ensure conformity with the 75 Ohm specifications set by Sony/Phillips.  As in all of our cables, we build from the conductor upwards ourselves, by hand. We do not buy in ready made cable, terminate it and call it our own design. In our Infinity Digital, the tolerances are calculated and carefully measured at each stage of assembly to maintain correct characteristic impedance. All cables are then tested for sonic ability in our system, for at least two days prior to packaging.

Our Infinity Digital possesses  the most absolute transparency we have heard so far in a digital SP/DIF cable, our recent development to the interconnect has shown in no uncertain terms that digital cables are critical and do make a difference, and at times it can be very pronounced. The soundstage has become so precise, with detail that we had not heard previously. Our Infinity Digital is possibly the best value upgrade you will hear.

  • 75 Ω (RCA) and 110Ω (XLR) Digital interconnect.
  • 0.7mm SILVER central conductor, co-axial construction
  • Furutech FP 126(R) RCA connectors
  • Furutech FP 3-117R BNC connectors
  • Furutech CF 601/602 XLR connectors
  • Available in BNC-BNC, BNC- RCA, XLR-XLR.
  • £595.00 / 1.4 meter S/PDIF
  • £770.00 / 1.4meter AES/EBU (XLR)

As with all of our cables, a 14 day trial period comes as standard, if you don’t think they perform as you need then simply return them for a full refund.


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