• Loudspeaker Isolation Plinths – designed to dampen residual energy in floor-standing loudspeakers. Using the same construction techniques as the shelves, these plinth’s will help to reduce coloration from the actual speaker enclosure, resulting in improved definition, air and space, clarity & dynamic ‘slam’ when used on a suspended or wooden floor. These make a significant difference even to very high end loudspeakers, and should be considered a fundamental part of any loudspeaker system.
  • Each base is fitted with either 3 or 4 height adjustable feet for perfect levelling and rake angle fine tuning.
  • Weight is approximately 10kgs for each base.
  • Made to fit any model of speaker, floor standing or stand mount.


Prices start at £1525 per pair.


Mirage Loudspeaker Plinth with TAD’s CR1 stand mount.


The difference under the Martin Logan’s was astonishing..

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