Symetrica extends to 3 models for 2020

We are proud to announce the next stage in our Symetrica line up, with the availability of 2 new versions.

In addition to the ‘standard’ Symetrica, we now have the ‘SE – Special Edition’ version which utilises Furutech’s new NCF output sockets on the rear, still 10 of as per standard, along with custom finish options including metallic Lacquer and hard anodised aluminium fins. The new NCF sockets do lift the performance to a higher level still, with improved clarity and bass depth and weight, not that the standard version seemed to be lacking in any way, but the SE has pushed the bar to the maximum.

The second new option is a model named ‘Nocturne’, which is all of the fundamental working of the other two models, but without any front panel display readouts, just a single tiny blue LED to indicate power on. Internal operation status board is as per standard, which also includes a revised 2 stage start up procedure, using two power up push-button switches on the rear. This allows the Symetrica to run without any relays or current limiters in the circuit once powered up (except a single 12Amp input fuse), which has again contributed to some performance gains. This is also part of the standard Symetrica, along with a new internal wire and refined transition points.

Available for demo in the UK, with European and US versions due early 2020.