At Z-Axis Audio, we strive to create audio cables that are the among best available in terms of sonic performance and construction while remaining affordable in comparison with the company that they keep, and often better. All of our audio cables are hand built in the UK and are available on a home trial basis. Sonically very transparent and pure with no roll off at either end of the frequency spectrum, we have ensured that depth, space and dynamic punch with excellent instrument separation remain perfectly intact, allowing you to really become involved with the actual performance. All of our cables have been thoroughly tested in one of the finest sounding audio systems available, and like the equipment itself, it neither adds, nor detracts – simple as that. There is no voodoo with audio cables, they just need to be well designed & constructed, simple, and from excellent and appropriate materials.  It then becomes very difficult to justify spending more on ‘exotic’ or heavily marketed cable systems. Please take a look at our product pages for further details.

Z:Axis Audio’s first products entered the market in 2009 and garnered very positive reviews in HiFi+. Since then we have refined and expanded the range that we build, please use the menu on the right to view the range in detail.

New for 2019 is our exceptional re design of our power cable, now named X-er0 RG, and this will be available in both Premium and Ultimate versions, utilising Furutech’s NCF technology and also the best IEC connector available bar none- the Bocchino Technology ‘Santa Maria Orion’.


All of our supports and cables are available direct to the customer; we do this for several reasons. Primarily the customer’s investment is fully utilised in the product itself; there is no dealership wages and premises to cover, and no distributor markup to cover. This brings a substantial cost saving to the audiophile which we are sure can be better utilised elsewhere within their music making system. If we were to go along the usual distributor / dealer route, we would possibly sell more products for sure; but the cost to the customer would be double. We do not believe this is necessary and would prefer the customer to have better value and contact with the people actually hand making all of their products.