Aidas Mammoth Gold – review by Robert Levi

“I can think of no other cartridge under ten grand that bests it in musicality, trackability, dynamics, soundstaging, or neutrality. Expensive, but if you can afford it, you will love it”

High Praise indeed, you should read the full review here !

Robert Levi cuts to the chase pretty quickly in his review stating very early on that “My experience with under $10,000 MC/MM/MI cartridges is extensive. I have never auditioned a superior sounding more realistic cartridge than the Mammoth Gold in this important price category. It is a breakthrough design with abilities beyond the excellent work of even the largest cartridge manufacturers we all love and admire”

We have our own demo sample due in very soon, to join our Panzerholz Diamond and Malachite Rainbow that we currently adore. These are both exceptional phono cartridges at an affordable price of around £2650 so naturally we are extremely excited to hear what the top Aidas can do at £7250 which incidentally includes a bottle of Siberian Mamont Vodka!

For UK customers looking for a very special phono cartridge get in touch to hear more.. (in more than one way:))

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