The SYMETRICA is now in production :)

So after a year of planning, CAD modelling, building, changing, testing, adjusting, listening, our new SYMETRICA Balanced Output 3 Stage Power Supply is finished, with the first batch having found homes very quickly, we are now looking to build on a regular basis. The first 5 SYMETRICA’s have been installed in customers system’s for several month’s and feedback is better than we expected when setting out on this project which was exactly one year ago, so it was a very busy year combining this with everything else but proving to be a very worthwhile. With the SYMETRICA making such a real and discernible difference in sound quality to every system it has been used in, we can forsee a very busy few years ahead too!

I would also like to thank the early adopters of the SYMETRICA for your commitment and feedback in getting this up and running, your input has been invaluable and has helped immensely..