CES 2014 – USA

CES – Las Vegas, Nevada. USA

The worlds largest show of all consumer goods, from cameras to the super high end audio, CES is the annual trade show that kicks the year off with a bang during the second week of January in Las Vegas, and this will be our first venture into the US with any of our products. We were asked by several companies to supply our ‘Ariya-Sacca’ supports for some very exotic gear, though sadly there was not enough time allowed for us to make the required design developments to enable the full rack system to be economically suitable for shipping, although this has now been completed, and will be a part of a later show in LA in 2014. We do however have our full cable system including our newly developed Infinity Digital Interconnect,  and a pair of ‘Ariya-Sacca’ amplifier stands in use with Concert Fidelity’s full high end audio system in Suite 30-330. This set-up will feature CD and Vinyl source components, DAC040/BD & SPA4c, 080 LSX2/ ZL-120V2SE amplification, TAD CR1 loudspeakers, Infinity Interconnects throughout, Livewire loudspeaker cables and reference mains power cables. This will no doubt provide a beautiful sound, centred on the artist’s and their performance. The recent update to our Infinity Digital Interconnect has proved to be revelatory, and has now become the reference connection that CF’s Masataka Tsuda uses in his own system and for design development evaluation.

See us here in room 30-330 at the Venetian!

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