National Audio Show 13 Report

Firstly we must say a sincere thank you to all that visited us to hear the wonderful system we assembled for the UK’s Premier audio show, with many visitors travelling some long distances with the sole aim of hearing the Concert Fidelity amplifiers and TAD loudspeakers for the first time in the UK. The overall response we achieved was almost overwhelming, though we did quietly expect this, we do know how well this system makes music after-all.. Many visitors basked in the relative calm of our room and simply relaxed and immersed themselves in our often risky & demanding music selection. We were however congratulated so many times on taking the risk of playing complete works of complex classical compositions on both vinyl and CD, along with a mixture of Jazz, Blues etc. We estimated that the mix was approximately 50-50 analogue/digital, with the 33 year old Sony PS-B80 Bio-tracer fitted with the ever popular Kondo IO-m cartridge attracting much attention. A huge thank you goes to Red Diamond Audio for the supply of the Sony for the show, it did a fantastic job all weekend clearly showing that vintage equipment really is still very competitive against modern designs.

The Concert Fidelity amplifiers, whilst understated in looks, certainly gained much attention for their effortlessness and transparency driving the demanding TAD CR1 loudspeakers, providing a hugely dynamic and seamless coherence from top to bottom. The new battery drive DAC 040/BD showed how good CD can really sound when perfected, and unsurprisingly we heard no mention of the words hi-res in the room all weekend, surely a sign that 16 bit can offer all of the realism required to make a convincing reproduction when called for. Many visitors seemed surprised that the DAC and LSX2 Pre were hybrid units, employing valve stages in the rectification and output circuits, allowing fine tuning of the tonality of the sonic signature.

Incidentally, we used NO room treatments what so-ever, the room had some issues, but we managed to overcome a majority of this with careful set up and positioning, and of course with the new ‘Ariya-Sacca’ supports doing the most amazing job of isolating and damping the components as well as presenting them in a beautiful style, something many reported was missing almost everywhere else. We were also overwhelmed with the response that the supports gained, of course we were hoping for a positive reaction, what we got was really fantastic, the ideology of this unique system certainly catching many visitors attention and of course the sonic results of purity and transparency was testament to the fact that the supports really do provide the environment to allow the equipment to do the job required – to reproduce MUSIC..

Overall, we had a great show with many enquiries and compliments, many stating that the Z:Axis Audio room was their best sounding room at the show, as many forums have been suggesting too, so not bad for our fist ever public showing..

Some images taken during the weekend, please do get in touch for any further info on any of the products we demonstrated.

NAS 13 Chapel-5


NAS 13 Chapel-17


NAS 13 Chapel-21


NAS 13 Chapel-1



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