Grand Mirage 98.8 installed this week..

We have now installed the new reference audio support system, to be known as ‘Mirage’, and we are extremely happy with the result, both sonically and aesthetically. Some very favourable comments based purely on it’s handsome looks have come in, while reaction from the few so far that have heard how our demo system sounds now in comparison to before, which was no slouch by any means, is truly gratifying, confirming the fact that distortion occurring due to either incorrectly implemented isolation and/or a lack of real damping are very real issues that any high end system should be protected from.

In the world of high end audio, the Mirage is unique, and will set the benchmark standard for aesthetics and sonic refinement.

More info is available on our products pages of the complete configuration and finish options available, pricing is being finalised, but the 98.8 shown here will retail in the UK for around £7,600. For further details see HERE.

Ariya-Sacca-System 3a-1-7

Ariya-Sacca-System 3a-1

3a System-Ariya-Sacca-2

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