DAC 040 completes final testing; shipping underway..

Concert Fidelity have overcome some technical and airfreight issues with the upgrade to the 040, and our demo model is about to leave it’s birthplace in Nagano, Japan, for the still so chilly shores of the UK. Naturally we are very keen to hear what sonic differences exist between the already fine 040 and the upgraded 040/BD. We will of course update when the unit arrives!

8 April 2013

Initial listening shows truly startling clarity, stage depth and pin point palpability, this is a significant upgrade to an already wonderful DAC. Additionally, the casework has undergone some revisions in that the ‘Operation / Standby‘ switch has been re-located to the front edge of the left side panel, and is now a discrete rocker switch. More in depth notes on the comparison due soon..!


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