Concert Fidelity ZL-200 Power Amplifier now in the UK

We have taken delivery of the first UK set of Concert Fidelity’s flagship power amplifier; the mighty ZL-200. Utilising the company’s minimalist approach, the ZL-200 received one of the highest accolades in audio by Harry Pearson when he heard them last year, quoting  “These monoblocks are the first solid-state amps I’ve heard that sound like a tubed unit, and by that I mean a very good tubed unit, on the order of say, the best conrad-johnson amp (vide, the ART III) but lacking the golden glow of the CJ sound, thus rather more uncolored than most, if not all, of the transistorized competition”.

The amplifiers were installed when they arrived (of course!) and will be available for demo anytime from 1st March onwards. Please call or email for further info or to arrange to hear what this level of audio design understanding can produce.

Update: Monday 25th February


The ZL-200 easily surpasses anything that we have experienced before with regards to clarity and openness, and combined with the grip and control of the worlds very best power amplifiers, these monoblocks very rightly deserve their super high reputation among the elite few audio products that excel in pure uncoloured sound reproduction.

zl200Frontzl200_rear_lgMore information on the ZL-200 is available here.


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