Dieter Ilg – Bassist Extraordinaire!

Dieter Ilg is a German bass player, and an extremely fine one too. I have been playing Dieter’s music since I first heard “Quando narravi” on Jazz FM, Sarah Ward’s show one evening, and hunted down the album straight away, ‘Live at Schloss Elmau’. It is a wonderful piece of work, finely recorded and is simply fabulous to hear on a good system!

Dieter Ilg Parsifal

Dieter has released a new CD this month, titled ‘Parsifal’, a copy of which I hope to hear soon, and can recommend you all check him out here: Dieter Ilg


The monumental becomes sensual and the sensual monumental: Parsifal is definitely another masterpiece of improvisation by Germany’s leading bass player, Dieter Ilg.

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