CF 080LSXV2 & ZL120v2SE Update

Concert Fidelity’s Logo says “Simply Profound” – something we feel is very apt. They have, since we installed them, impressed each listener that has been fortunate enough to hear them, and believe me, some of these guys are ‘demanding’!

To quote two written post demo session responses:

  • “I thought the amplifier chain was spectacular in the most natural, organic way. Not only was the sound effortless, but the imaging was unbelievably strong with no hint of “hardness”. A reference standard for sure”.
  • “The Concert Fidelity gear is everything I thought it would be – I just don’t know how it could be better. So smooth and sublime”.

For me personally, and bear in mind exactly why we are working with CF, (i.e.. the dac we originally purchased was too good for there to be no UK representation), I will have a hard time settling for anything less. Such transparency and openness, combined with a bass foundation that underpins the architecture of the recorded music therefore allowing any simple or complex piece truly unravel itself in front of you is quite an experience. Really very special indeed..

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