Concert Fidelity Amplifiers arrived & set up..

We received the CF 080LSX2 Pre Amplifier & ZL120v2SE Mono Power Amplifiers on Monday 26th November. Set up took place late that same day, straightforward enough process. Ironically, we are short of supports at the moment, so had to assemble all of the components in a rather untypical manner, but nevertheless, from the very first few notes it was clear, these are very special amplifiers indeed. Transparency is beyond anything i have heard in my 25 years in this  hobby/business/passion – call it what you will, for me, at this level, it is an addiction. Today, I was up at 6am UK time, playing Mahler’s Symphony No1, conducted by Ivan Fisher & the Budapest Festival Orchestra.

It feels as though there is simply no system between me and the music, and that has to be experienced to be believed.. The amps will also improve over time too, so some exciting times are ahead 🙂

I will leave any comparison with the highly acclaimed ASR Emitter 2 Exclusive for a week or two. 

At this stage, I cannot hesitate in admitting that this is the best i have heard so far..

More to follow!

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