Steve Dickinson – HiFi+

B42 RCA Interconnects

HiFi+ Issue #76

“The Z:Axis interconnect has a majestic quality. It’s effect on the sound of a system is rather like that you experience in going from a 7′ Grand piano to a 9′ Concert Grand. There is an opulence; a luscious, luxuriant quality to the sound which you don’t miss beforehand, but once introduced, is hard to sacrifice. This gracefulness is something that many Silver interconnects seem to specialise in, but not all achieve it with the same degree of coherence. The seductive, but sometimes superficial beauty such cables can bring is very easy to like, less easy to live with long term. The Z:axis cables don’t fall into this trap; there is a depth of insight, a sense that one has been allowed further into the music”.

Steve Dickinson, HiFi+ Issue 76.