New to us here, Polish manufacturer RCM has been producing some of the finest amplification available for some time now, albeit in very small numbers. Fortunately for us their current line up of phono preamplifiers are available here in the UK, with both models that we currently have here performance is exemplary; well above their respective price points. The £3,495.00 Sensor2 is just beyond reproach at this price point and should be considered a very serious contender in the under 10K category. If you were to partner this with an Aidas Audio mid to high level cartridge you will be in for a very pleasant surprise, although even with the Aidas Malachite Rainbow (£2,800) the sound is just fantastic!

Moving up the line to the ‘Theriaa’, things get very interesting indeed, this unit in combination with the £7,700 Aidas Mammoth Gold is simply breathtaking, bringing true world class performance into your own listening room. Both models feature RCA inputs (in single ended or balanced mode) and both RCA & XLR Outputs, many gain and loading options & separate power supplies. To learn more visit our RCM Audio page from the menu on the right or click HERE