The Art of true analogue sound..

Every once in a while a brand pops up that is little known of for various genuine reasons but produces some very high performance products that the audio community needs to know about, and one such company is Aidas Audio. We were initially a customer of the entry level Panzerholz MC Cartridge, and felt that it had that absolute rightness to sound that many music lovers are searching for, so after some time we had established a good enough relationship with the company that we were invited to represent them for the UK. Consequently we have been appointed UK agent for these incredible MC phono cartridges.

The philosophy is to produce superior phono cartridges that provide outstanding reproduction of recorded sound in terms of dynamic range, tonal balance, precision, natural sounding and bass clarity.

Exceptional results in naturalness and accuracy have been achieved after years testing and improving the manufacturing technique with utmost attention to sonic ability. Aidas Audio truly believe that their dedication to the very finest of details allows them to build these truly top flight Moving Coil cartridges that reward every time an LP is selected for playback, something which we wholeheartedly can confirm.

Aidas Audio (founded by Mr Aidas Svasas) are the sole designers and manufacturers of these phono pick up cartridges, based in Kaunas City, Lithuania. Aidas’s experience in repairing and producing cartridges dates back to the late 1990’s, with repairs and modification usually improving on the original sound. Inevitably, this led to the development of the first true Aidas Svasas designed cartridge; the AS-1. Some very special techniques were developed that allowed improvements in suspension, core geometry and coil design. Sonic ability has been improved with each new model, with the current line up now in it’s 2nd year of production being truly exceptional in terms of dynamic range, precision, low distortion and staggeringly low LP surface and groove noise. All of the cartridges share the same generator and double suspension design concept, simply because of it’s obvious success, with the differences being in body and coil materials.

Please refer to the menu for detailed information on the range and current pricing in GBP.

Aidas Mammoth Gold MKii
Aidas Panzerholz
Aidas Malachite Tru-stone / Copper coils
Aidas Malachite Silver, Nasotec Swing headshell on ViVLabs RF9 Tonearm