We are now to be able to supply the wonderful Moving Coil Phono Cartridges from the multi national organisation Aidas Audio, designers and manufacturers of some of the best sounding pick up cartridges available today.

All Aidas cartridges are hand made. All of their models employ the same basic concepts, electrical scheme, and body type. They have learnt how to perfect their cartridges by making the minimum necessary changes and highlighting the features that are proven to sound best, paying close attention to each part and detail of their products. Where other brands look for the easy way out, Aidas relentlessly persue perfecting them.
Aidas’ cartridge generators are unique in shape, quality, and materials. Aidas Audio is among the only three brands that uses the best alloys available.
Aidas are the only brand that uses high power presses to co-joint mechanical parts of the suspension. That eliminates micro-vibration and unwanted damping as opposed to using glue.

Current Phono Cartridge availability:

  • Aidas Panzerholz MONO
  • Aidas Panzerholz Diamond
  • Aidas Red Heart Black Sound
  • Aidas PurpleHeart
  • Aidas Rainbow Durawood
  • Aidas Rainbow Malachite
  • Aidas Rainbow Red Grasp
  • Aidas Baby Mammoth
  • Aidas Mammoth
  • Aidas Mammoth Gold
For further info visit the main Aidas Audio page here: AIDAS AUDIO