We use electrostatics, and like them immensely. The model is the Martin Logan Spire, albeit rather heavily modified by me progressively over the past 3 years, they have twice been said to easily outperform the flagship ML hybrid line Summit-X, and that was from a dealer, and an owner of the Summit-X. I will run through the modifications in due course, although this has been documented on the web elsewhere. The work effectively doubles the cost of the speakers. However, it pushes the sonic value of the speakers to a higher level still.


ML ‘Spire’ – an extremely capable design unleashed..

Modifications include:

  • Removal of all existing crossover and associated electronics, for housing in a separate matching cabinet
  • Full rebuild of the passive crossover using Clarity Caps MR capacitors, Duelund CAST resistors, Mundorf copper foil inductors, wired with a silver plated copper/ptfe conductor, all solder was Mundorf 9% Silver. Layout optimised for minimal component interaction.
  • Bass cabinet clad in 26kg’s of Granite and Ceaserstone.
  • Feet replaced with Finite Elemente Cerabase’s.
  • Panel hardwired to the step up transformer.
  • Bass driver hardwired to bass amplifier
  • Natural wadding used internally to control rear wave energy.
  • Loudspeakers mounted on rake adjustable ‘Mirage’ plinth’s for sound balance control, and to de-couple from the suspended floor.

Replacement Wiring to the Panels


Crossovers include caps from Clarity MR Series, Duelund resistors


Mundorf Foil Inductors


Build time at last!


Installed in custom cases