D/A Converter

Concert Fidelity DAC 040 V1.5  –  ‘Simply Profound’

16 bit Non oversampling, tube rectified & analogue output stages. Hot news (November 2012) on this DAC is the implementation of a Ni-Mh battery drive to the digital – analogue section, this option drives the DAC (D/A) circuit of DAC-040 with a Ni-MH(nickel hydride) battery. The battery completes charging automatically by a charge circuit. When it charges completely, a charge circuit is separated, and the DAC circuit operates only by a Ni-MH battery.When the battery does a voltage drop, battery charge is resumed and playback is continued. A clean power supply is supplied by a battery to a DAC circuit. A vacuum tube section uses the conventional AC power supply. Basically this is what ASR Emitter Exclusive’s do, and the improvement is significant.

A very high-quality sound improvement can be experienced, we have placed an order for the upgrade, which is incidentally retrofittable to existing V1.0 & V1.5 DAC 040 circuits. This is as standard, a very analogue sounding DAC, it really is extremely good, and does sound so natural compared to many digital implementations available today.