We have, over the years, used many different amplifiers. Solid state and vacuum tube designs, all of which have ‘done something’ to the end result. The amplifier is extremely influential on the final sound of the system, shaping it one way or other, and of course it’s electrical interaction with the loudspeaker is paramount.

In the last 15 years we have used the following:

  • Naim Nait
  • Naim 72/90
  • Naim 72/140
  • Naim 82/250
  • Naim 252/250
  • Naim 252/300
  • Krell 400xi
  • Audio Research LS16mk2/VS110
  • Audio Research Ref3/VS110
  • Audio Research Ref3/Ref110
  • Audio Research Ref3/Tom Evans Linear B Mono’s
  • ASR Emitter 2 Exclusive
  • Concert Fidelity LSX2/ZL-120V2SE
  • Concert Fidelity LSX2/ZL-200

As of end of November 2012, we have had a set of the Concert Fidelity Pre/power amps installed in our system, these replaced the German ASR Emitter 2 Exclusive, already regarded as one of the best amplifiers available, but the CF have a truly remarkable openness and clarity that stems from their design philosophy; the less components in the signal path, the less degradation will occur on that signal. The audio signal can NEVER be improved by any audio device, so any piece that reduces the gradual deterioration of what is a highly complex signal will by virtue sound truer to the original recording.

We currently have the LSX2 pre amplifier, and both the ZL-120V2SE and ZL-200 power amplifiers. Needless to say, the combination of either is very special, but the newly installed ZL-200 is by far and away among the very best amplification we have heard in any system. Curious ears are always welcome, as hearing really is the only way to understand whats really happening, we think you will be quite surprised what is really on a CD.