Interconnects – Infinity Series

Finally, we can announce availability of the ‘Infinity’ audio interconnect, after many month’s of being driven crazy testing, tweaking, more testing, we have come to a design we we are happy to use in our reference system. The arrival of some of the best amplifiers we have ever experienced prompted us to re-evaluate where we were with interconnects, and we made changes to better serve the new found transparency available. The re-design culminated in a new triple conductor topology, with a single 99.99% pure Silver signal conductor and twin Copper return conductors, braided and run through a custom Teflon tubing of specific internal/external dimension to complete the assembly. Termination settled with the Furutech CF – 126R, a minimalist but very effective RCA connector, and the Furutech CF – 601/602R for Balanced (XLR) duty. This led to a low capacitance of just 31pf/ft, with a signal resistance of 0.067Ω/M. Return resistance is 0.046Ω/M. These figures however, are not a guide of how any interconnect will sound in any given system, the only way to know this is to put them in and listen. As with all of our cables, a home demonstration is standard, and a full 14 day trial period is offered, if for any reason the cables are not suitable a full refund is given.

The Result?

Our perception is that these allow an extremely wide bandwidth, from the lowest bass notes with incredible precision, to pinpoint high frequencies, vocals really take on a startling presence, with all the tonal inflection of the human voice perfectly intact. Dynamics are also high on the agenda, which continues throughout our cable range, bringing music to life with an uncanny ability. The Infinity interconnects have now replaced the B series, as they surpass the sonic level that the B series achieved, but at a considerably lower price point.


Z:Axis Audio Infinity RCA

Z-axis Audio's Infinity-x (XLR) Interconnect

Z-axis Audio’s Infinity-x (XLR) Interconnect


Again, any intermediate length’s are available, please enquire here for additional length’s and prices.