For those that seek the very best performance available, the Reference B series MK2 offers unparalleled sonic ability through a no compromise design. From the outset these are visibly not just average interconnects, it becomes very clear that the Reference B series MK2 are aimed squarely at the high end market. Pure Silver Duelund foil in oil impregnated silk conductors transmit every nuance with a natural timbre with breathtaking air and beauty, via a resonance controlled construction and Bocchino Silver plated Pure Copper terminals. Special attention has been applied to the joint between the silver foil conductor and the connector signal pin, the main area of signal loss in any cable. Once you hear these in a system you will appreciate the years of effort and testing to refine the signal transmission to a very high level.

Our perception is that these allow a startlingly wide bandwidth, from the immediately obvious low bass notes with incredible precision, to pinpoint high frequencies, vocals really take on exceptional presence, with all the tonal inflection of the human voice perfectly intact. Dynamics are also very impressive, which continues throughout our cable range, bringing music to life with an uncanny ability. The Reference B series MK2 has been designed to neither add nor subtract from the music, and are quite possibly the most transparent interconnect you have never heard..

HiFi+ reviewed our mains Power cables and interconnects in issue 76:

“The Z:Axis interconnect has a majestic quality. It’s effect on the sound of a system is rather like that you experience in going from a 7′ Grand piano to a 9′ Concert Grand. There is an opulence; a luscious, luxuriant quality to the sound which you don’t miss beforehand, but once introduced, is hard to sacrifice. This gracefulness is something that many Silver interconnects seem to specialise in, but not all achieve it with the same degree of coherence. The seductive, but sometimes superficial beauty such cables can bring is very easy to like, less easy to live with long term. The Z:axis cables don’t fall into this trap; there is a depth of insight, a sense that one has been allowed further into the music”.

Steve Dickinson, HiFi+ Issue 76.

Available as the B52 MK2 reference RCA, the ultimate single ended interconnect.

B42 MK2 is a compact version of the B52 MK2, sharing the same construction but using a smaller Bocchino RCA connector. Performance is clearly very close to the B52 but suits closely spaced RCA sockets.

B72 MK2 is the XLR version, again using Bocchino terminals, the precision BAXLR which offers a very strong and tight connection to the XLR socket.

B Series Reference Phono  is our new 5 pin Din to RCA tonearm cable, using Furutech din connector to Bocchino connectors. Double shielded design using only natural materials. Also available in balanced XLR form, using the Bocchino BAXLR connector.

All of the Reference series are built to order with around a 4 week lead time. Please see below for current pricing.

  • B52 (RCA) 1 meter = £2,650.00 / pr
  • B52 (RCA) 1.5 meter = £2,900.00 / pr
  • B52 (RCA) 2 meter = £3,150.00 / pr
  • B42 (RCA) 1 meter = £2,110.00 / pr
  • B42 (RCA) 1.5 meter = £2,380.00 / pr
  • B42 (RCA) 2 meter = £2,650.00 / pr
  • B72 (XLR) 1 meter = £2,720.00 / pr
  • B72 (XLR) 1.5 meter = £2,990.00 / pr
  • B72 (XLR) 2 meter = £3,260.00 / pr
  • B 52 Ref Phono (5 pin Din to RCA) 1 meter = £2,450.00 
  • B 42 Ref Phono (5 pin Din to RCA) 1 meter = £2,250.00
  • B 72 Ref Phono (5 pin Din to XLR) 1 meter = £2,650.00

Below shows B52 top, B42 middle, and B72 bottom.

The mighty Bocchino B2 RCA.