We are now able to supply the sublime Ayon audio products after having had their CD-T transport and Stratos Reference DAC combination in our system since mid 2018, and can wholeheartedly say that the performance is stunning, especially when used in conjunction with the Symetrica and our soon to be released X-er0 HG Ultimate power cable. Please call for further info or a demonstration.

Ayon Audio CD-Tii

Multiple output options and the ultra reliable Philips Pro2 laser mechanism, tube buffered s/pdif output, 2 filter options, 24/192 up-sampling, ultra short signal path for minimal sonic degradation, all cased in the very smart Ayon housing.

This has bettered several CD transports we have used, some costing 4 x the price of this unit, which is £5,795.00

Ayon Stratos Reference DAC / Pre

Full-featured Tube D/A converter, Class-A triode vacuum-tube output stage for single-ended & balanced operation. Ultra-low jitter internal clock generator, No solid state devices in the analog tube output, 0dB negative feedback, Internal hardware PCM up sampler for CD sources to 24/192K, All digital inputs including I2s allowing the best connection to the partnering CD-TII, via our all silver I2s bespoke digital cable assembly.

Always on demonstration, cost £9,990.00

More products will be added in due course, but if you have any queries please do email us.

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