RCM Audio Phono Amplifiers

We are now an appointed dealer for the Polish manufacturer of the best sounding phono amplifiers we have yet heard here; pushing our analogue system to greater levels than we previously thought possible..

RCM Audio may not be a familiar brand in the UK, or to many audiophiles around the world, though those in the know understand exactly why they are gaining an enviable reputation for producing some of the finest MC/MM phono preamplifiers available at any price sector. We have the £3,495.00 Sensor2 and the £13,495.00 ‘Theriaa’ here on demonstration; also available is the £35,000.00 ‘Big Phono’, which from what I hear and understand is quite possibly the very finest sounding phono preamplifier ever produced – a big claim for sure but if you are considering upgrading your analogue sound then do not pass these products by; we are very glad we didn’t..

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