MBL 1621a Reference Compact Disc Transport now on permanent Demonstration

Last week we received our demonstration reference redbook CD transport, the mighty 1621a, finished in stunning Piano Black and polished chrome. We are also very proud to be able to officially supply the reference line transport and other products, along with the Noble and Corona line.


The 1621a takes it’s job very seriously indeed, and this is no more apparent than when you approach the unit to install a disc for replay, the lift up lid is substantial, the whole piece being immensely well damped. On start up, the unit is silent, the display is clear, and track reading and access is fast, the Phillips Pro2 Module is clearly the industry leader in this regard. Then, playback begins..


3a System-Ariya-Sacca-9

The Elite of CD replay, the MBL 1621a & Concert Fidelity DAC 040BD.


While the combination of these two pieces is not exactly ‘loose change’ at £27,000, it rest’s assured that for the re-creation of a musical performance it remains at the very top of the list..


Contact us for further information and to arrange an extended demonstration.