Concert Fidelity at CES ’13, Las Vegas.


Concert Fidelity electronics will be shown at the CES 2013 (January 8 to 11, 2013) to be held in Venetian Hotel. The exhibition in Room 29-312. will feature ONDA SYSTEMS reference cables, TAD CR-1 loudspeakers and ESOTERIC K-03 SACD/CD Player.

Concert Fidelity (Nagano, Japan) will bring its entire suite of no-compromise, high-performance electronics to CES, including the new ZL-120V2SE (Special Edition) solid-state monoblock power amplifiers that debuted last year. The rest of the lineup include the CF-080LSX2 tube hybrid line stage, the DAC-040 tube hybrid DAC, the SPC-4C solid-state phono stage, and the specially modified Denon DP-3000 turntable.

Concert Fidelity is partnering with ONDA Systems, Inc., a Canadian cable manufacturer who will provide high-performance cables utilizing silver solid-core conductors and unique technologies. The system will be driving the TAD CR1 Compact Reference loudspeakers, and digital playback will be provided by the Esoteric K-01 used as a CD transport.

Concert Fidelity’s CEO and Chief Engineer Masataka Tsuda will be flying in from Japan to showcase his creations, which he builds himself, one by one, in his workshop in Japan. Concert Fidelity invites everyone to come and listen to the no-compromise, state-of-the-art two-channel audio system in Room 29-312 at the Venetian.

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